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it. was. coming up on our t. the sentencing trial for bradley manning is wrapping up today an army psychologist testified about manning's mental state during his military service while it's expected that manning and his family will also testify updates from fort meade just ahead. in egypt clashes have erupted between security forces and probe morsy protesters the crackdown so far has left dozens dead so what's next for this divided nation the latest updates on this chaotic situation coming up. and where do you get your drinking water from the odds are you buy it off the shelves we'll look at the bottled water industry and how they are cashing in later in today show.
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kolo it's a wednesday the fourteenth of august it's four pm here in washington d.c. i'm marinate and you're watching our t.v. we begin today with the latest in the sentencing saga of bradley manning manning the army private convicted of the largest leak of classified information in u.s. history spoke during the sentencing phase of his trial in fort meade maryland this afternoon r.t. correspondent liz wahl and producer andrew blake are on the ground in fort meade with all the latest here's anders report on today's testimony delivered by dr worsley. in fort meade maryland this morning we heard riveting testimony from captain michael worsley but he testified as a defense witness he testified as a subject witnessed on clinical psychology dr worsley spent a number of years in the military but beginning in december two thousand and nine he directly observed private first class bradley manning while the soldier was deployed in iraq dr were asleep first met with private manning only weeks after manning arrived just outside of baghdad and in till may twenty sixth of two
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thousand and ten he met with him semi regularly to discuss his his progress during a time of what was later determined to be gender identity issues if you will during that span of course and before before it too private manning was releasing a drove of classified information to the web site wiki leaks including hundreds of thousands of state department diplomatic cables kuantan it will be assessment files and significant action reports from the afghan and iraq wars as dr worsley fielded questions from defense attorney david coombs this morning he went into great detail about the handful of meetings that he had with private manning from december two thousand and nine into may two thousand and ten during those meetings he said private manning explained that he didn't really have much of a support group whether back home in the united states or in iraq when it was the prosecution's term to cross-examine dr worsley they tried to portray manning as someone who had the opportunity to reach out to his fellow children soldiers but chose not to the prosecution wants portray private manning as a narcissistic know it all someone who's hyper intelligent who sees himself better
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as his other soldiers the defense on the other hand they want to portray private manning as more of a humanist someone who cared so much so deeply about his fellow soldier that he didn't put himself above them in fact he just wanted to better the world and thought he could do that by releasing material to wiki leaks now dr worsley talked about how at the time of private manning supplement even being openly gay could be grounds for being court martialed towards the end of the regular visits they were having in the spring of two thousand and ten dr worsley said they were considering ways to get manning out of the military. and in fact his last meeting with private manning occurred on may twenty sixth two thousand and ten only hours apart from manning's eventual rest after that he was held in captivity in kuwait for a number of weeks before being transferred to the quantico military brig in northern virginia when the prosecution got a hold of dr worsley they tried to ask him a number of questions about chat logs between adrian lamo suppose a confidant and bradley manning now when the two of them got to talking on line in the spring of two thousand and ten manning opened up and explain
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a lot about what was happening in the military what was happening with him what was happening with his gender with his identity and with his role in wiki leaks and what he wanted to accomplish. one part of this chat logs in particular the doctor worsley was asked about however was one private manning describes his peers in the military as trigger happy macho rednecks and when the prosecution said your doctor worsley how how would you feel about this person you know referring to his peers here all the way thousands of miles away from their home but in this case forward operating base hammer in east baghdad now how would you feel if your peer is describing his fellow soldiers as rednecks and and afterwards he said well you know to be honest with you i've called these fellow soldiers rednecks i served in the marine corps and i've been frustrated and that's how i thought of them at some points in time too so it's not really that unusual that private manning would have frustration issues against his fellow soldiers especially in an atmosphere where he was struggling with gender identity in a place like the u.s. military that was our web producer andrew blake. we turn now to
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egypt where the country has declared a month long state of national emergency at least one hundred forty nine people are dead after security forces sent bulldozers and tanks into protest camps set up by supporters of the ousted president mohamed morsy the violence began with the gyptian security forces storming into makeshift camps that have been occupied by morsy supporters the muslim brotherhood which was behind the protest told state t.v. that two thousand people were killed however the brotherhood has been known to give exaggerated figures and then later revised those figures u.s. secretary of state john kerry spoke today against the violence but stay but said he still believes a political solution is possible today's events or deplorable and they run counter to egyptian aspirations for peace inclusion and genuine democracy gyptian inside and outside of the government need to take a step back they need to calm the situation and avoid further loss of life.
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we also strongly oppose a return to a state of emergency law and we call on the government to respect basic human rights including freedom of peaceful assembly and due process under the law and other developed developments on wednesday egypt's vice president of foreign affairs mohamed el berati resigned artie's del true is on the ground in egypt reporting all the latest. the egyptian president he has now announced a one month state of emergency across the country in the growing violence the interim president adly mansour to hold on the army to support the ministry of interior and its police force in this now i have been in the heart of the clashes the main sit in for ousted leader mohamed morsy in your city and the scenes have been extremely bloody we've had reports of at least two journalists killed including a sky news cameraman who was shot dead it's been very very violent as the security
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forces moved in on these encampments in giza whereas the second city and the incoming was completely destroyed. all the shelters and the tents off the firing volleys of tear gas and bullets on the protesters there however the clashes continue on their extremely fierce in the rubble of the way a mosque in nasr city security forces moved in on protesters at around six thirty this morning and started firing at them at seven am using birdshot bullets tear gas and also live ammunition which i have actually seen with my own eyes and they have surrounded that continue to surround the entire city and firing both the protesters inside and also anyone attempting to get in the background to this is that the supporters of ousted leader mohamed morsy said that they wanted to be reinstated on the constitution they started these two sit ins in the capital and across many different governorates over
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a month ago saying they will not leave until he is put back in place as i approached the city and security forces as i said had blocked off every entrance even the smallest size streets which resulted in was basically these side road battles where the police and the military would fire heavily on anyone approaching including journalists like myself residents and families of people trapped inside i had to duck behind cars behind any concrete barricades that i could find as being fired at me. both from above and from the front including tear gas the air was stinging it was almost impossible to breathe it was on i was unable to ascertain whether this was in fact like i mean but i heard a lot of automatic weapon fire and also i heard what sounded like rifle rounds i then went i managed to make my way into the sit in after hours of being shot stops and found protesters as i said trying to find shelter and i said women and children in mary's well the field hospital itself is in the heart of the clashes you have to
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run through a corridor of the night just as we're doing meanwhile other is that we're wearing the qur'an around the neck and chanting defiantly against the police post saying they will not be intimidated paramedics were carrying stretches to the front line with their uniforms covered in blood saying that number of people had died in the ambulances i then watched one particular protesters shot in the chest he was actually killed she died in front of me the paramedics in the ambulance attempted to resuscitate him but it didn't work he died right there with a gunshot wound to his chest and another one to his leg so clearly it looks like the security forces are shooting to kill from my contacts inside the field hospital they say that people have been shot to the head the face the neck and the chest. that was artie's bell true reporting from cairo egypt here now to walk us through the latest developments on this recent turmoil in egypt is our choose arabic correspondent rima. thank you now starting off can you tell us what sparked this
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most recent violence in egypt well it's a problem that that's been building up for the past few weeks for the past two months almost there is mistrust on both sides there is the feeling that every side is there is the perception that justice is on the side of one party or one group against the other and i think that basically led to what we are seeing in egypt today are you saying that it was a long time coming and this is just the inevitable the sit ins have been sitting there this that ends have been there for the past forty seven forty days so it was inevitable that the government is going to do something about it yet we didn't know when or how or whether those the most traders are just going to go home on their own now if the military more to release mohammed morsi do you think that would help to dissipate some of the chaos that we're seeing in the country at this time we this is a state that is overdue no this is over this is past maybe it would have helped had
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it happened a few weeks ago but i think this is already we can't even talk about it because we know that maybe it will just make things worse if they are to release him now now how does the military provided the egyptian people with a long term plan other than the one that they initially when they ousted morsi other than that initial one have they updated to revise their plan they've been declaring their commitment to that road map that they've announced earlier which includes parliamentary elections presidential elections giving up power to the interim government and that's exactly what we saw happening over the past few weeks we just don't know if they're going to. why the timeline that they sat to hold those elections given the situation that's happening in egypt now is it kind of impossible given what they said and now that they're completely attacking a peaceful protest it seems kind of impossible to stand by their initial long term
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lot of people would argue a peaceful protesters a lot of people say that these are not peaceful protesters these students had weapons with them a lot of people would tell you know they have been there for forty seven days we have not seen them do anything so it's really a debatable issue given that each side is going to is trying to document every single second and everyone is showing the picture as they see it and not the whole picture we don't know exactly what's going on we don't know what happened earlier today during these evacuations of the protesters but we also don't know what is going to happen from now on we don't know if this is the end of the story everyone's just going to go home and maybe try to come to a peaceful resolution from now on or this is going to into something that's worse and we already saw some of the burning of the churches that people say is probably going to affect any consultation process in the future not just the burning of that
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but also the attack on some of the police stations and the muslim brotherhood for instance i was talking to some of their spokespeople earlier today who are holding press conferences and washington d.c. or people who are not associating themselves with the muslim brotherhood but they say that they are pro morsi and pro democracy what they call in egypt who are saying that we have seen these people protesting for the past two months they have not done any of that there is just the fact that it's happening today when they're being attacked by the military is something that they think is probably not exactly what the media at least what the state media in egypt is trying to portray it as do you believe that egypt is on the precipice of civil war and if so how. will this affect the surrounding region everything depends on what's going to happen from now on if the situation gets worse say in the next few days a lot of people think that yes maybe syria is headed towards that path we've seen some of the statements made by for instance one of the leaders of the muslim
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brotherhood in egypt after his daughter was killed who is saying that as sisi the military leader is pushing egypt into that direction into a syria like scenario but we also saw people who are saying that no once the professors once the protesters are home once the process are over if this is everyone's just it's just going to be a normal situation again it all happens all depends on what happens next from here now hosni mubarak he came into power in a similar fashion it was one nine hundred eighty one. egypt was under a state of emergency a national state of emergency and then ruled for thirty years do you think we're going to see a similar if not the same situation take place c c had sat over and over that he does not intend to interfere in political life he does not intend to run for the elections so he made clear that he is not repeating the scenario of the past he's not doing what happened thirty years ago. is he going to commit to these statements
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is something that we just have to wait and see rima thank you that was r.t. arabic correspondent rima. in other news a u.s. air force unit that operates the nation's most powerful weapons bombed its security and safety checks the three hundred forty first missile wing of the mails from air force base in montana filled with the military calls a short scene spec sion of its nuclear weapons this is a formal check of where the unit is following the rules to ensure the safety security and control of the three intercontinental ballistic missiles it operates here's what the commander of the wing had to say about this unsatisfactorily rating quote what i can say is that these inspections are as exacting a test as one can possibly imagine they are pass fail tests of enormous complexity imagine being a college cut in a college physics class and working through five pages of calculations on
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a problem but you receive no credit if your answer is off by even a decimal that is the nature of our job and i wouldn't have it any other way now this is the third time following the colonel's metaphor that the three hundred forty first wing missed a decimal point in two thousand and eight and two thousand and ten they also failed a safety and security inspection commander of the air force global strike command lieutenant james quasi said that a group of quote relatively low ranking airman filled two of the thirteen inspection areas the general said he was unable to be more specific about the failed exercises because of security concerns calls he says only that the air force is looking into it. and now an update on a story that we've been covering for some time the federal government's response to edward snowden's disclosures on national security agency's surveillance and this is of the american citizens of course now last friday president barack obama promised an independent outside review of the intelligence community surveillance here's how
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he put it. we're forming a high level group of outside experts to review our entire intelligence and communications technologies so i'm tasking this independent group to step back and review our capabilities particularly our surveillance technologies and they'll consider how we can maintain the trust of the people we can make sure that they're absolutely is no abuse in terms of how these surveillance technologies are used. so many were surprised when the director of national intelligence james clapper who admitted he had lied to congress about these same intelligence capabilities under a view sent out this press release at the direction of the president i'm establishing the director of national intelligence review group and intelligence and communications technologies to get to examine our global signal intelligence collection and surveillance capability now if you understood that the first read around you're better than me not exactly independent or outside but
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a spokesperson said that this is all just a misunderstanding at yesterday's briefing a spokesperson for the national security council said quote the review group will be made up of independent outside experts the d.n.i. role is one of facilitation and the group is not under the direction of or led by the d.n.i. so this whole press release from the previous day erroneous cooperate is a stablish in the group but it will be just as independent outside as the president promised on friday. but that's not the only review taking place in the wake of these closures the office of the inspector general at the department of justice has jump started its own investigation into the use of section two fifteen of the patriot act section two fifteen allows the f.b.i. to order anyone to turn over what the law calls tangible things without a warrant so long as it's part of an investigation section two fifteen provided the justification for the n.s.a.'s collection of american citizens phone metadata in bulk now this review will specifically look at improper or illegal uses of
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surveillance granted under section two fifteen a different focus from the clapper a stablish review board the f.b.i. is the domestic partner of the n.s.a. when it comes to snooping on american citizens. if you ever thought that the interests of the financial industry are being favored when it comes to legislation you would be right in fact they are being favored so much that thirty two liberal democrats signed a letter drafted by none other than a financial industry lobbyist the letter expressly aims to block protection of millions of americans retirement accounts mother jones found that the letter sent to federal regulators was drafted by robert lewis a lobbyist for the financial services institute using the letters digital metadata now in the letter lawmakers caution the labor department against proposing new regulations warning that a strict new rule on retirement advisors may cause many of them to leave the market which would quote severely limit access to low cost investment advice for the
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minority communities we represent now the ruling question would prevent brokers from putting their clients' money into investments that might enrich the advisors more than the people they're supposed to be advising. now twenty eight members of the c b c a group of african-americans in congress that advocate for low income people were among the lawmakers who signed the document and lawmakers who signed the letter have re have received tens of thousands of dollars in campaign money from security and investment industries in the recent years. elsewhere newark mayor cory booker won the democratic primary in new jersey senate race last night with a huge margin now the victory propels booker into the special election on august sixth on october sixteenth scuse me but have reason n.s.a. surveillance concerns played any role in this election or will they in any upcoming elections r t political commentator sam sachs reports. so cory booker won big last night and he's likely to be the next senator from new jersey but this election is important for another reason it was the first national attention grabbing election
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in which the surveillance activities of the n.s.a. were in issue they were made that way by congressman rush holt who when he learned of the n.s.a. leak said screw it and introduced a bill in the house to repeal everything both the patriot act and the five amendments act and since he was running for senate at the time against cory booker he ran this ad specifically hitting booker on a number of things including supporting massive government spying i'm rational you may have heard i'm the scientist who needs a supercomputer in jeopardy rush home so why am i running for senate against cory booker. we need to pass a carbon tax to stop climate change which make up the wall street banks and stop the government spying on innocent american. cory booker doesn't support any of these ideas so whole totally got third place in the race just fourteen percent of the vote but just the fact that the n.s.a. was brought up in a political ad it's worth talking about i mean we had
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a whole year of political ads not too long ago including ones like this throwing old grandmothers off cliffs but not a single ad referenced n.s.a. spying and because holt who is bringing this issue up a book or had to respond posting on his campaign website quote i was deeply troubled by recent revelations of the scope of the national security agency's domestic data collection we failed as a nation to thoroughly debating create public oversight before this highly questionable data collection began it is time to bring this program to light and fix that error and bookers the upcoming republican opponent in the race steve the lawn again is demanding booker talk more about where he stands on the n.s.a. issue. where the church according to polls is exactly what the american people not just in new jersey but nationwide once a series of polls since the n.s.a.
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leak show pluralities if not a large majorities of americans are concerned about the n.s.a. surveillance activities for example a quinnipiac poll found forty five percent of americans believe and i say spying goes too far in restricting civil liberties forty percent believe it doesn't go far enough to keep us safe and a fox news poll showed the same sentiments sixty two percent of americans believing n.s.a. spying is an unacceptable invasion of privacy and thirty two percent believing it's acceptable to prevent terrorism so edward snowden all the way from somewhere in russia made his mark on last night's democratic primary election in new jersey and although rush hold didn't win given the polling on this issue nationwide don't expect him to be the last candidate to use an essay is spying programs to whip up voters in washington sam sacks are to we return now to fort meade
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maryland where bradley manning just testified at the sentencing portion of his trial he was convicted of the largest leak of classified information in u.s. history r.t. web producer andrew blake is on the ground in fort meade with all the latest hi there andrew so what did what did bradley manning say. you know that's right aaron things just wrapped up around twenty minutes ago private first class bradley manning took the witness stand he read a sworn statement to the judge colonel denise lin and then was excused from the stand it was very brief he spoke given directly to the judge you actually seem like he was on the verge of tears he was very sincere i have part of it here in front of me from what we were able to gather from the statement just a moment ago manning took the stand and you first he said first your honor i want to start off with an apology. i'm sorry i'm sorry that my actions hurt people and i'm sorry i hurt the united states at the time of my decisions as you know i was
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dealing with a lot of issues but manning said no this was no excuse while he was well aware of what he did and he understood while he was doing while he did it he does not appreciate what his actions have been have spawn's he said i'm apologize for hurting the united states and he said i never wanted to hurt people i only wanted to help people i'm sorry for the unintended consequences and he more or less asked the judge for forgiveness now private manning faces upwards of ninety years in prison and during the sentencing phase right now colonel denise lind can decide if you want to give them you know nine decades or two decades it's really up to her and your private manning made a case for him self right now very brief went up there and he said i want to go forward you know please help me i did the wrong thing and i'm sorry and you can you expand a little on what the mood was like when manning gave his testimony. you know when manning's testimony just wrapped up a minute ago it actually came in a very peculiar time just moments earlier manning's sister i believe casey majors
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she is a living here is manning sr and she actually raised private manning while he was a young child she testified for around twenty minutes to defense attorney david coombs and during that span of time pretty much explained how she had to single handedly raise bradley manning from infancy because his parents were more or less chronic alcoholics she recalled experiences of being only eleven years old and learning how to drive because her parents were too drunk to drive having bradley ride in the back seat when he was only twelve years old making sure his mother wouldn't die on the way to the hospital after she purposely tried to overdose on like it in an alcohol all of these situations multiple travels across states different homes living in hotels at some point it was very emotional bradley's sister was tearing up on the stand and the media operations center here at fort meade was dead silent during the duration of her twenty minute testimony when her brother private manning took the stand moments later we were all pretty much in
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shock and within the course of two minutes it was over now and you would you say that casey's testimony was a little bit more compelling than than bradley himself. it was absolutely me and bradley went up there he didn't he already spent said why he did it he already admitted to everything he did that months ago he admitted guilt years ago to be honest in these chat logs with adrian lamo going back to spring two thousand and ten earlier this year he gave his rationale and today he just said he was sorry but before you could say he was sorry his sister casey one took the stand and actually tried to paint a picture of bradley manning one that we really don't see bradley manning the parents were both alcoholics he has a very limited contact with them now very limited contact with anyone from his family his sister showed photographs from of the manning children while they were child's pictures of bradley playing with a puppy in a kitty and writing out a little saddle and she tried to say you know this is
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a person who you know thank you and you're going to have a very unfortunate circumstances and we're going to interrupt you but we'll be back in five with more that was andrew blake r t web producer we'll have more on this developing story at five pm i marinate stay tune prime interest is coming up. a little. technology innovation and all the developments around russia we. covered. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lengthly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm charming welcome to the big picture.
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i would rather as questions for people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on our t.v. question more. and
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good afternoon welcome to prime interest i'm handling and i am bob inglis looked at since they have been good to. me london well has escaped the prosecutorial net for no excel the j.p. morgan chase trader who earned himself the nickname after a six billion dollars trading loss last year is off the fishing hook so to speak the recent agreement with u.s. authorities yesterday so it looks like the mean. meaning that successfully floated his freedom but now it seems federal authorities have another fish to fry today they moved up the food chain charging pixel's former boss with wire fraud and a conspiracies of falsified records now they've decided not to go after excel so that could crack the case wide open and that's because he will be used as a witness.


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